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Fun with VMware on a 64 GB Mac

I'm having a lot of fun with VMware on this 64 GB Mac: My main OS, obviously, is macOS running work-related stuff. Then, I have Ubuntu Linux for development. I have Kali Linux for doing security work. I have Windows 10 for practicing exploit development. And, finally, I have macOS running in a VM for my personal stuff. I could probably get Android and iOS running for completeness sake (using different emulators), but I don't actually need those right now ;) I've been running multiple VMs for a month or two. Things are working in general, and I'm happy with this setup. My only complaints are: It took a while to set everything up. My battery life sucks :-P The macOS VM lacks GPU acceleration; hence I had to disable GPU acceleration in Chrome. Similarly, for personal use, I'd prefer to use Netflix, YouTube, and Zoom in my personal macOS VM. However, the video is too laggy. Hence, I have to do those things on the main OS, using a