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Database Week at the AWS Loft

Here are my notes: Databases on AWS: The Right Tool for the Right Job I'm not taking super deep notes for many of these talks. I'm focusing on the highlights. PostgreSQL came after MySQL. 8 categories of DBs on AWS: Relational Key value Document In-memory Graph Search Time series Ledger Search for: AWS Database Services For relational, they have Amazon Aurora. It's compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. It has 5x throughput compared to MySQL (on RDS) and 3x compared to PostgreSQL (on RDS). It can scale out to 15 read replicas. It's fault tolerant and self-healing. It keeps 6 copies of the data across three AZs. It can provide continuous backup to S3. It has encryption at rest and in transit. It's fully managed by Amazon. They support cross region (unclear) and multimaster. itself uses Aurora at least for some stuff. There's a database migration service. They also support other DBs su