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mv ex-coworkers.csv udemy/

As much as I enjoy working at Udemy, I kind of wish that some of my previous co-workers were here working with me. I've been here for 3.5 years, which is the longest I've stayed anywhere. In particular, we're looking for full-stack engineers (Python, JavaScript, and Kotlin), iOS engineers, a data science manager, and a senior data engineer. If you want to come work with me, check out our job postings , and drop me a note :-D

Books: Kubernetes: The Complete Guide To Master Kubernetes (March 2019 Edition)

I started reading Kubernetes: The Complete Guide To Master Kubernetes (March 2019 Edition) and almost immediately had to put it down. I don't get it. All the other reviews were so good, but the text of this book is literally terrible. It's like a non-native speaker was leaning on Google Translate and was in a hurry to get things out the door. For instance, on p. 8, it says, "It will also run on vacant metal machines." I think the author meant to say, "It also runs on bare metal." On the same page, it also says, "The main objectives of Kubernetes is to hide the complexity of managing a fleet of containers by providing REST arthropod genus for the needed functionalities." What the heck is "REST arthropod genus"? I generally lean toward O'Reilly books because their product is generally so good. However, in this case, the O'Reilly book's ratings were pretty bad. I don't know how this book got the highest ratings other tha