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JJ's Mostly Adequate Summary of the Django Meetup: When *Not* To Use the ORM & Goodbye REST: Building GraphQL APIs with Django

The Django meetup was at Prezi. They have a great space. They are big Django users. Goodbye REST: Building APIs with Django and GraphQL Jaden Windle, @jaydenwindle, lead engineer at Jetpack. They moved from Django REST Framework to GraphQL. It sounds like a small app. They're using Django, React, and React Native. I think he said they used Reason and moved away from it, but I could be wrong. They had to do a rebuild anyway, so they used GraphQL. He said not to switch to GraphQL just because it's cool, and in general, avoid hype-driven development. GraphQL is a query language, spec, and collection of tools, designed to operate over a single endpoint via HTTP, optimzing for perf and flexibility. Key features: Query for only the data you need. Easily query for multiple resources in a single request. Great front end tooling for handling caching, loading / error states, and updates. (I wonder if he's talking abo

JJ's Mostly Adequate Summary of Chrome Dev Summit 2018

I went to Chrome Dev Summit 2018. Here is the schedule . Here is the official news from day 1. Here are all the recordings . And, here are my notes: Introduction Chrome started with WebKit from Safari. They added V8. They made a joke about the fact that they decided not to add Dart ;) Chrome has been around for 10 years. Day 1 Keynote Ben Galbraith, Director, Chrome and Dion Almaer, Director, Web Developer Ecosystem. Google was founded 20 years ago. Android was founded 15 years ago. In 2008, Chrome launched with process isolation: secure and stable. It's now the standard. This year, they launched site isolation. Even within a tab, content from different domains is isolated into separate processes. HTTP pages are now marked as "Not Secure". 80% of the top 100 sites are all HTTPS. V8 has been around for 10 years. There was something in React Hooks that was slow, and they reacted quickly to fix it. The new WASM (WebAssembly) compiler is called LiftOff. This

"How to Give a Talk" and "Building Video Games for Fun with PyGame"

I gave two talks at BayPIGgies . Here are the slides: How to Give a Talk Building Video Games for Fun with PyGame