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The Big Bet on Web Performance: What to Do Until WebASM Takes Over?

What do WebASM, Reason, Dart, Rust, and Go all have in common? They're all trying to make the web faster. However, they do it in different ways. WebASM's approach is obvious. Take high performance code written in C and C++. Find a way to run it safely in the browser. Dart's initial approach was different. In the short term, Dart was meant to be compiled to JavaScript that would be faster than the JavaScript that you could write by hand. To a small degree, it succeeded. In the long term, the goal was to integrate the Dart VM into browsers. Unfortunately, this vision failed, and they gave up. Reason's approach is a combination of the above two approaches. In the short term, it can be compiled to JavaScript. In the long term, the hope is to use the OCaml-based version of Reason, and run it in the browser using WebASM. This is pretty forward thinking--which you might expect from Jordan Walke, the author of Reason. Go is a language aimed at replacing server-side C++.

A Summary of the O'Reilly Fluent Keynotes

I paid $200 to see all the O'Reilly Fluent Keynotes. These are my notes: @FluentConf #FluentConf One of the speakers just lost his wife right before the conference. He has 7 kids. They setup a GoFundMe page for him. There was a really gorgeous wall that went across the whole stage that was a projection screen. The auditorium was only about 1/3 full, although it was very large. In general, the entire event felt extremely large, but fairly empty. All the sessions are being recorded and will be available via Safari. If you went to the conference, you get access to Safari for free for 90 days. Fixing the JavaScript Time Zones Maggie Pint, @maggiepint, from Microsoft, a maintainer of moment.js. She's a date and time specialist. Moment gets about a million downloads a month. It's in practically everything. She was invited to work on Moment. She went to their issue tracker and looked for label:Up-For-Grabs in order to get started. She found something fundamentally bro