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My Fairly Complete Notes from Chrome Dev Summit 2017

Here are my notes from Chrome Dev Summit 2017: Here's the schedule . Here are the videos . Keynote Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, Director, Chrome Web Platform and Director, Developer Relations @bgalbs and @dalmaer This was the best talk of the whole conference. They covered a lot of new stuff in a very short amount of time. This one talk is the talk that's the most worth watching. They plugged PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Lots of browsers support Service Workers. It's still in development for Edge and WebKit, though. Workbox is a library they built for working with Service Workers. It's used by 70% of the sites using Service Workers. They plugged . 64% of traffic is transmitted over HTTPS on Chrome on Android. They're going to start marking any form that isn't submitted over HTTPS as not secure. Use autofill completion hints to help out Chrome with autofill. They plugged PaymentRequest. It's a payment UI that is built into Chr