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JavaScript: Porting from React Router v2 to v4 (with tips for Enzyme and MobX)

I recently ported a large app from React Router v2 to v4. It was hard. I jotted down some notes in case you have to do the same thing. First of all, start with the video , and look around in the Quick Start . The video will explain why v4 is better, and the Quick Start has a bunch of examples that you may find useful. I'm not going to duplicate all that knowledge. I'm just going to touch on some details. Here's a little utility to configure the default routing configuration: import $ from 'jquery';   /**   *  This is the default configuration for React Router v4.   *     *  Usage:   *     *      <Router { ...getDefaultReactRouterConfig() }>   * / export default function getDefaultReactRouterConfig() {      const args = {},          href = $('base').attr('href');        // Make sure to strip the trailing slash from the base href; otherwise, it causes     // a double slash issue on route changes to the root route. It is also not     // possi