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JavaScript: Some Tips for Using MobX's Provider with Enzyme, etc.

Recently, we decided to move from using React's context functionality directly, to using MobX's Provider feature. Updating the code was a little painful, but not nearly as hard as trying to move from React Router v2 to v4! There were a few things that were hard in particular, such as updating all of the Enzyme-based tests. If you need to do the same thing, here are some tips: First of all, start by reading all the documentation on Provider and inject . I'm not going to duplicate that here. Let's suppose you have a component named MyComponent, and you have a MobX store named myStore. If you're using a function-based component like: const MyComponent = inject('myStore')(observer(cssModules(      ({ myStore }) => <div>hi!</div>,     styles, )));   export default MyComponent; Then to set the propTypes, you'll need to write: MyComponent.wrappedComponent.propsTypes = { myStore: PropTypes.object.isRequired }; Thankfully, you'll get a w