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JavaScript: React Conf 2017

I went to REACTCONF17 . Here's the schedule . Here are the videos . Here are my notes: Keynote Tom Occhino, Jing Chen, and Sebastian Markbage 547,000 users have React DevTools installed. Facebook has 100s of React Native screens in production. Facebook uses React for many screens in the Facebook app. You can't tell the difference between what is and isn't using React Native. He said they're not done with React. They're going to "Innovate in place." There's always going to be an incremental path. You'll never have to rewrite from scratch. React Native at Facebook Benefits: Fast iteration Declarative views Cross-platform (and cross application) They couldn't rewrite the entire Facebook mobile app. Instead, they're incrementally adopting React Native. Things they focused on: Performance Parity (between iOS and Android) Developer experience The bundle size of their React Native app is 11MB, uncompressed. They do API fe

Progressive Web Apps

I went to an all day tutorial on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here are my notes: The tutorial was by Maximiliano Firtman, @firt. Here are the slides . Wow, he's written a lot of books! He's not going to stick to Google's party line. He mentioned the 10 year history of the web vs. native. Funny: Web sites are instantly available. You don't have to install them. Google is the one pushing PWAs. They were followed by Firefox, Opera, and Samsung. Microsoft is coming. Apple isn't there, but you can still do some stuff on iOS. They created some stuff about 6 years ago that's still pretty useful. Apple hasn't announced any plans to implement various Progressive Web App features. On iOS, Safari can save a bookmark to the homescreen, but you can't in Chrome on iOS. Remember, Chrome on iOS is not Chrome. The rendering engine is WebKit, not Blink. Even the UserAgent has "Cri