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Showing posts from February, 2017 Practitioner Summit

I went to the Practitioner Summit. Here are the videos. Here are my notes:
Lyft's Envoy: From Monolith to Service Mesh Matt Klein, Senior Software Engineer at Lyft

Envoy from Lyft looks pretty cool. It's a proxy that runs on every server that facilitates server-to-server communication. It takes care of all sorts of distributed systems / microservices problems. It implements backoff, retry, and all sorts of other things.

It works as a byte-oriented proxy, but it has filters to apply smarts to the bytes going over the wire.

It takes care of a lot of the hard parts of building a microservices architecture--namely server-to-server communication.

It's written in C++11 for performance and latency reasons.

He said that there are a bunch of solutions for doing service discovery. A lot of them try to be fully consistent. These include ZooKeeper, Etcd, Consul. However, he felt that it was better to build an eventually consistent service discovery system.

When you …