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Chrome Dev Summit 2016 Day 1

I attended day 1 of Chrome Dev Summit 2016 . Here are my notes: Intermission The intermissions between the talks were really entertaining ;) Keynote: Darin Fisher: Chrome Engineering Mission: Move the web platform forward. Over 2 billion active Chrome browsers. Bluetooth beacons are broadcasting the URL for the Chrome Dev Summit website. Mobile web usage has far eclipsed desktop web usage. Almost 60% of mobile is 2G. India is experiencing the most growth in people getting online. A lot of Indian users have so little storage space on their phones, they can't afford to install a lot of apps. They routinely install and then uninstall apps. The web works really well in emerging markets. Progressive Web Apps are radically improving the web user experience. He demoed . It's a progressive web app. He showed a smooth experience even though his phone was in airplane mode. The icon was added to his home screen. 11/