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Chrome Dev Summit 2016 Day 1

I attended day 1 of Chrome Dev Summit 2016. Here are my notes: Intermission The intermissions between the talks were really entertaining ;) Keynote: Darin Fisher: Chrome Engineering Mission: Move the web platform forward.

Over 2 billion active Chrome browsers.

Bluetooth beacons are broadcasting the URL for the Chrome Dev Summit website.

Mobile web usage has far eclipsed desktop web usage.

Almost 60% of mobile is 2G.

India is experiencing the most growth in people getting online.

A lot of Indian users have so little storage space on their phones, they can't afford to install a lot of apps. They routinely install and then uninstall apps.

The web works really well in emerging markets.

Progressive Web Apps are radically improving the web user experience.

He demoed It's a progressive web app. He showed a smooth experience even though his phone was in airplane mode. The icon was added to his home screen.

11/11 is singles day in China…