Twitter is Hiring Right Now

We need Scala, Java, Ruby, and Python programmers. Here is the full list of openings. If you're interested in applying, tell me which position(s) you're interested in and shoot me your resume. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. As usual, I highly recommend the book "Cracking the Coding Interview".


Jim Ramberg said…
Hi JJ. I am looking for work. If you work at Twitter ; then you know Larkin who I worked with at Looksmart a few years back. I know Twitter does not hire QA folk; so I won't bother asking. I was hoping you could perhaps point me to someone or some place where I can do some freelance work to help pay bills.
The only interview I have in the queue is apple; and they are taking their time.
Thanks for any and all help

jjinux said…
Hey, Jim, I submitted your resume :)