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Dart: Some Good Blog Posts to Read

The Dart community has been very active recently. Here are some blog posts you might want to check out: Darting a Full Stack Integrating Dart into Eclipse (and your Java Eclipse project) Dart support in WebStorm 6 Command Line Testing of Browser-Based Dart Dart Widgets Dev Journal 1 - Basic Animations

Dart: My Experience Porting to Library v2

Updated: January 25, 2013: I ported the rest of my code. Hence, I updated the list below. I ported all of my code to Dart lib v2 . Here's what I had to do to get all of my projects to work: Timer is now in 'dart:async', not 'dart:isolate'. Element.elements is now Element.children. LocalWindow is now Window. window.webkitRequestFileSystem is now window.requestFileSystem. Completer.completeException is now Completer.completeError. Future.handleException is now Future.catchError. Furthermore, it no longer receives a "bare" exception object. It receives an AsyncError object. Use AsyncError.error to get the original exception object. You have to use .then() and .catchError() in a single chain such as produceFuture().then((value) => null).catchError((e) => null). If you do this as two separate calls on the same future, the wrong thing will happen. innerHTML is now innerHtml. window.webkitNotifications is now window.notifications. Map.keys a

Esto es Dart

Cross-posted from Dart News & Updates . This is a blog post for Spanish-speaking developers who may be interested in learning Dart. Please pass it along to any Spanish-speaking developers you know! En su libro El programador pragmático , David Thomas y Andrew Hunt recomiendan "aprender al menos un lenguage nueva cada año." Bueno, es un nuevo año, y creo que ahora es un buen momento para aprender un nuevo lenguage. De hecho, si usted todavía no ha aprendido Dart, no hay mejor momento! El año pasado, empecé a estudiar español para poder compartir con todos los hispanohablantes del mundo mi introducción a Dart traducido al español. Después de pasar dos días delante de un micrófono tratando de no sonar como si tuviera canicas en mi boca, les presento a Esto es Dart ! Espero que les guste. In English: In their book The Pragmatic Programmer , David Thomas and Andrew Hunt recommend that you "learn at least one new language every year." Well, it's a new

More Dart HTML5 Goodness

Cross-posted from Dart News & Updates . dart-html5-samples is a collection of HTML5 samples written in Dart. Most of them were ported from HTML5 Rocks . I first blogged about dart-html5-samples about three months ago. Since then, a ton of cool, new HTML5 samples have been ported to Dart, and we've updated all the samples for M2 ! Here is the current list of samples: A Beginner's Guide to Using the Application Cache New! High DPI Canvas New! Image Filters with Canvas New! Native HTML5 Drag and Drop Reading Files in JavaScript Using the File APIs Exploring the FileSystem APIs Exploring the FileSystem APIs: Web-based Terminal New! A Simple Trip Meter Using the Geolocation API New! A Simple ToDo List Using HTML5 IndexedDB Local Storage Basics New! Using the Notifications API Pointer Lock And First Person Shooter Controls New! Leaner, Meaner, Faster Animations with requestAnimationFrame HTML5 Video Getting Started with the Web Audio API WebGL New