Dart + HTML5 = Happy Web Developers

Jason Brooks and I ported a bunch of samples from HTML5 Rocks to Dart. Check out the project announcement to see how to use Dart with HTML5!


jjinux said…
From Tom Keller:

Hi Shannon,

I found a link that isn’t working on one of your pages and thought you’d want to know.

I landed here - http://www.jjinux.com/2012/09/dart-html5-happy-web-developers.html, and noticed you have the old link to HTML5 Rocks (http://www.html5rocks.com/) which has been absorbed into Google’s Web Fundamentals Program here https://developers.google.com/web/.

I figured you’d want to update your link because although there is a splash page in place, notifying visitors of the change, I suspect Google won’t keep that up forever.

Whilst you are updating your page, perhaps you could include a link to our fully interactive HTML5 cheatsheet here - https://dgtl.link/HTML5cheatsheet, which I think many of your visitors will also find useful.

I hope this helps!


Tom Keller | US & Canada Digital PR Manager, Digital.com