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Showing posts from April, 2012

Books: Agile Web Development with Rails

I finished reading most of Agile Web Development with Rails , fourth edition. This is the third edition that I've bought and read. I still love this book. This edition is much shorter than the previous editions. I tend to read books cover-to-cover, so I appreciate when they aren't full of reference information that I can find online. I think this book struck the right balance of breadth, depth, and length. My buddy Shailen Tuli thought it was too short. Your mileage may vary. I think the only thing bad about this book is that it focuses on Rails 3.0. Because Rails 3.1 has something called the "asset pipeline", it's not so easy to make the jump. I decided to stick with Rails 3.0 for the time being because I really like having a book to refer to.

Personal: My Laptop is Worried About Me

My laptop and I have a close relationship. After all, we do spend all day with each other! Hence, it's unsurprising that we show little bits of affection for each other. For instance, my shell prompt is "Yes, dear?", and the last command I type before reinstalling my OS is always, "thank you". It always replies "command not found" which is its way of saying, "Oh, it was nothing. Think nothing of it!" Naturally, we're not always so sentimental. We like to joke with each other too. For instance, whenever I start a new terminal, it always gives me my fortune , which is usually something funny. Today, my fortune read, "You look tired." Maybe my laptop is right. I've been giving so many talks lately, maybe it's time to take a break ;-)