Google Developer Relations Jobs

I work as a developer advocate at Google. I think it's the most exciting job at the most interesting company in the world, but of course I'm biased ;) In fact, when I came to Google, it turned out to be roughly twice as good as I was hoping it would be. We have a bunch of openings right now. If you're both a hardcore coder as well as a hardcore extrovert, you should think about applying (through me, of course!).

By the way, the interview process is somewhat challenging. You should definitely plan on spending some time in front of a whiteboard. I heartily recommend two books, Cracking the Coding Interview and RESTful Web Services.

The video below is from Google Developer Day 2011, Moscow. Not everyone has to go to Moscow, but I think it conveys part of why I find this job so much fun :)

By the way, we also have other positions within developer relations as well as within Google as a whole.


hermy said…
Would love to apply but in the future when I'm not so nooby and have at least my B.S. degree. But I have been looking into Restful web services, thanks for the book suggestion.
jjinux said…
Enjoy the book! If you're interested, here's my review of it:
hermy said…
Thank you! Any other readings you might suggest? Also, any word on Google IO. Would love to go to see the android talks. But I know they've said something along the lines of a coding challenge to keep the "I'm going for the free stuff" people out.
jjinux said…
> Thank you! Any other readings you might suggest?

Sure, this blog post is pretty famous. It talks about getting a job at Google:

> Also, any word on Google IO.

All I have is this:
hermy said…
Gotcha, thanks man!
Dave Doolin said…
Shannon, thanks for speaking at East Bay Ruby last night, and thanks for taking the time to answer questions 1 on 1 afterwards.

I just ordered "Cracking the Coding Interview." This will be good for staying focused.
jjinux said…
Thanks for coming to the talk ;)