Books: Python 3 Web Development Beginner’s Guide

I've been asked by Packt to review a new book called Python 3 Web Development Beginner’s Guide. Here's the overview:
  • Build your own Python web applications from scratch
  • Follow the examples to create a number of different Python-based web applications, including a task list, book database, and wiki application
  • Have the freedom to make your site your own without having to learn another framework
I looked through the table of contents, and I scanned the first 30 page. It looks like a fun book! In fact, it's exactly the sort of book I was hoping someone would write.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait for the review. I am focusing mostly on Python 3 as a learning environment.
Anonymous said…
It looks like the book perhaps should have been titled something like "Beginning Web Development with Python 3 and CherryPy".
jjinux said…
I finished my review.