Python: I'm Looking for a Python Instructor

I'm looking for a talented, friendly Python programmer to do corporate training. I'm helping out a company called Marakana. They do corporate training and have multiple gigs lined up for Python. Unfortunately, their normal Python instructor is getting a little bit busy right now, and so am I. If you're interested in giving a four day training session on Python, please send email to me at jjinux at gmail dot com. My buddy Robert Zuber has already prepared the course materials, and the pay is pretty decent. They're also looking for people to teach Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, and Android, but I figured most of my readers are Python programmers.

I'm sure this is obvious, but you must be comfortable with public speaking. You get bonus points if you've given a talk at PyCon or a local users group. You get double bonus points if you're well known in the Python community, especially if I know you ;)

Update: The response was pretty overwhelming, so I think I can stop looking. Thanks, guys.