PyCon: Python - The Secret Sauce in the Open Cloud

Python - The Secret Sauce in the Open Cloud

This talk was given by Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium.

The talk was about OpenStack which is open source, cloud computing software.

It used to be that OpenStack was very difficult to get started with. Things are getting much simpler.

Cloud computing is still on top of a huge hype wave.

OpenStack allows you to run your own cloud.

Side note: there were a lot more women this year.

You can use whichever hypervisor you want: KVM, QEMU, Xen, VirtualBox, VMware, etc.

OpenStack glues together a bunch of third-party parts. It has an API. It uses a database. It has a messaging protocol. It has a lot of glue code.

He said that his most important slide was a link to

Install VirtualBox.

Install Vagrant. It's an API on top of VirtualBox.

Get chef recipes from the OpenStack cookbooks.

Using OpenStack has become substantially easier during the last four months.

What out for disk I/O. Use copy-on-write disk images.

Make the VM as small as possible.

When asked about Apple VMs, he said, "Apple is like Oracle: Oracle doesn't scale financially."