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PyCon: Going Full Python - Threadless

The keynote was by a guy from Threadless.

Threadless sells clever, artistic T-shirts.

The company has lots of culture. It's very hip.

The designs are community driven. The community votes on them.

They don't actually print the shirts themselves.

Threadless is in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel visited. After he visited, he Twittered, "Seriously, this city used to build things. Now we're just assholes with novelty t-shirts. I'm with motherfucking stupid."

They switched from PHP to Django. They're still fighting a lot of technical debt.

Threadless is an "art community".

The speaker was hilarious.


Anonymous said…
Heh, that's a parody account, not the real Rahm Emmanuel.
Rahm Emanuel said…
You're the fucking parody account, asshole.

Quaxelrod's the one that set up the fucking T-shirt tour, should have done a photo-op with butchers or kindergartners or some shit like that.
jjinux said…
I think that's supposed to be funny. At least, I laughed the first time I read it.
jjinux said…
According to Wikipedia:

Emanuel's electoral campaign was the inspiration for a Twitter account, @MayorEmanuel, which was written by Chicago journalist Dan Sinker. The account received over 43000 followers, and was more popular than Emanuel's real Twitter account. Emanuel announced on February 28th that if the author would reveal himself, he would donate $5000 to the charity of his choice.[84] When Sinker revealed himself, Emanuel donated the money to Young Chicago Authors, an community organisation which helps young people with writing and publishing skills.[85]

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