Personal: Looking for a New Job

I'm looking for a new job. I really like my current company, but it's not a very good fit for me for various reasons. Anyway, here's my resume. Here's what I'm looking for:
  • I'd like to find something in San Francisco or the East Bay
  • I'd like to go somewhere where the code is clean and high quality
  • As much as I enjoy startups, I'd really like to find something calm and relaxing
  • I prefer to code in Python or Ruby, but I also really enjoy weird programming languages like Scala, Haskell, and Erlang


VanL said…
Are you coming to PyCon? If not, please contact me.

jjinux said…
VanL, I wish! I can't afford to this year. Why? What's up?
Bob Van Zant said…
JJ, the last time I remember you having an awesome job was when you worked with me, Brandon and Jamie. We work ~8 hour days a mere 5 days a week. It's python. The culture is great. Come work with us again:
Unknown said…
I sent you some e-mail, but we'd love to have you over here at, and I'd love to talk to you more when you have some free time.