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Personal: Looking for a New Job

I'm looking for a new job. I really like my current company, but it's not a very good fit for me for various reasons. Anyway, here's my resume . Here's what I'm looking for: I'd like to find something in San Francisco or the East Bay I'd like to go somewhere where the code is clean and high quality As much as I enjoy startups, I'd really like to find something calm and relaxing I prefer to code in Python or Ruby, but I also really enjoy weird programming languages like Scala, Haskell, and Erlang

Bless: A New Twist on Concurrent Programming

(Disclaimer: I'm just a guy who likes learning new programming languages. I'm not an academic language expert.) I've been reading Coders at Work lately and really enjoying it. Fran Allen is a woman who won the Turing Award for her work on optimizing compilers. She said something interesting. She said that we've been in a rut since C came along because the pointers in C prevent the compiler from doing a lot of interesting optimizations. She said that programming languages before C were actually more optimizable. She also said something about using offsets rather than pointers so that the compiler could easily move memory around. It reminded me of Dreaming in Code . Alan Kay said that when it comes to software, we're still building pyramids because we haven't yet discovered the programming version of the arch. Pyramids are heavy, whereas arches can support an amazing amount of weight while not having as much weight themselves. I remember years ago tha