Vim: PeepCode Videos

There are commercial videos on PeepCode that show how to use Vim. They're fantastic! The production quality is very high, so they're worth paying for. I bought both of them, and I learned quite a lot. Even the first one covered a ton of advanced stuff, so I highly recommend it.

If you're just getting started with Vim, I suggest you:
  • Read this blog post from Yehuda Katz. Basically, he suggests you use the GUI to get started and iteratively gain more experience with Vim. I think that's good advice.
  • Next, I suggest you fire up Vim and take the internal tutorial.
  • Last of all, watch Smash into Vim part I.
If you're an advanced Vim user, watch both videos and tell me what your favorite part was ;)


Unknown said…
I assume that you know about ?
If yes - are the peepcode videos really better? If no - then you should definitely check that guy out.

He has a meditation-like voice...
jjinux said…
No, I didn't know about Thanks.

I haven't checked them out, but the PeepCode videos really are extremely well done. They are the O'Reilly of videos.