JavaScript: Naughty Socket.IO Example

File this under the "things you probably shouldn't do, but are fun anyways" category. Socket.IO is a library for Node.JS that provides Comet using a plethora of different approaches (WebSocket, Flash socket, AJAX long polling, etc.). I hacked the Socket.IO chat demo so that it reads HTML from my terminal and just dumps it to the browser. Hence, I can control people's browsers from my terminal. Insecure? Yeah. Fun? Oh yeah!

Anyway, here's how I hacked the server.js file in Socket.IO's chat demo:
io.on('connection', function (client) {

// Read from /dev/tty and send it to the browser.
var stream = fs.createReadStream('/dev/tty', {encoding: 'ascii'});

stream.on('error', function (exception) {
client.send({announcement: 'Exception: ' + exception});

stream.on('data', function (data) {
client.send({html: data});
And here's how I hacked chat.html:
function message(obj) {
var el = document.createElement('p');
if ('html' in obj) el.innerHTML = obj.html;
Here's what it looks like in my terminal:
sudo ./server.js
18 Nov 10:14:04 - ready - accepting connections
18 Nov 10:14:06 - Initializing client with transport "websocket"
18 Nov 10:14:06 - Client 5832344139926136 connected

<i>I'm typing this in to control the page.</i>
<script>alert('Oh baby!');</script> This doesn't work with innerHTML, thankfully.