Telephony: Blatantly Open Source Phone Trees

As I mentioned in my last post, I just launched Teladventure, a phone based adventure game. (The phone number is (888) 877-7418.)

Anyway, I added a "learn more" menu option to the phone tree. It says:
Teladventure was created by Shannon -jj Behrens using Ruby on Rails and Twilio. Please feel free to submit feedback to the author by emailing him at j,j,i,n,u,x,at,g,mail,dot,com.

Teladventure is open source. You can get the source code from git,hub,dot,com,slash,j,j,i,n,u,x,slash,t,e,l,adventure.
(The commas are there to help the text to speech engine.)

Why am I bringing this up? When was the last time you called a phone number and got a phone tree that told you that it was open source and gave you the URL to download it? ;)