Quotes: A Recruiter on Scala and Erlang Jobs

I got the following from a recruiter today:
Scala (and erlang while we're at it) roles are like UFO's, there are always sightings of them, but I just don't think they're real. :)
That's a pretty funny quote ;) It just reminds me of the fact that jobs are a trailing indicator of a technology's success. For instance, there are currently five jobs for COBOL on Craigslist, which is actually the same as the number of Scala jobs on Craigslist.


Anonymous said…
There are definitely real jobs out there using Scala. These are a few listings at places I know are using it, but I'm sure there are others around:


(this one's in NYC, but I know they recently opened an SF office, so there might be a chance to work out here too)

jjinux said…
Yep, Twitter, LinkedIn, foursquare, and Yammer are the only ones I know of using it. LinkedIn and foursquare are too far away. I've tried Twitter before and may try them again. I'll probably talk to Yammer soon, although their location in SF is pretty non-optimal (1+ miles South of Civic Center BART).
jjinux said…
Thanks, by the way ;)
Doug Reed said…
Hey Shannon, Check out BillFloat, billfloat.com. We are a Rails shop and are looking at moving into Scala for our back end components. If you're interested in Scala work, we should talk.
jjinux said…
Thanks, guys. By the way, I accepted a job at Twilio about a month ago. (I'm just really far behind on my email!)