Personal: Working at Google--the Hard Way

I've always wanted to go work for Google the hard way--i.e. to work at a company and get acquired by Google. Metaweb just got acquired by Google. This is the second company that I worked at that got acquired by Google--after I left. The first was Mochi Media. Ugh.

Congrats to the guys at Metaweb! They have some really exciting technology.

Comments said…
No no - think of this as a marketing opportunity!

I knew a guy growing up who was engaged three times and after the engagement was broken off the girl got married right away to somebody else. We always joked he ought to market himself as the cure for the single lady... Date me and you'll be married shortly after (just not to me)!
Anonymous said…
Do you think you could come work at our company for awhile, and then leave? ;)
jjinux said…
Haha. That's the laugh I needed. Thanks guys.

Darrin, that sounds like a good idea. However, if I decide to stay, it'll be a sure sign that your company isn't going anywhere ;)
jjinux said…
My buddy Krishna pointed out that Mochi Media wasn't bought by Google, but rather by a Chinese company:
jjinux said…
Oh, great, it just happened again!

"Google Buys Slide for $182 Million, Getting More Serious about Social Games":

I interviewed at Slide years ago, and they made me a really solid offer. I decided to do something else mainly because I wanted to play around with TDD at a younger startup.