Linux: Retro Desktops

I like messing around with my desktop. I decided to give it a retro Windows look. I used the Redmond theme, set all my fonts to Monospace 10, used a boring gray background, and tweaked my editor and terminal colors.

Now I know that Windows 2000 didn't use monospace fonts for everything, and it supported backgrounds other than a drab grab, but doing it this way sets a pleasant, calm, nostalgic mood.

What's strange about this 1 AM post is that a) I've been a Linux user for so long that I've never even used Windows 2000 b) I'm using Mint Linux which aims at offering a very elegant, polished look--which I've totally screwed up ;)

By the way, what I'd really like is a desktop that looks like the original Macintosh. That'd be pretty neat looking for this MacBook running Linux ;)

Ok, yes, I probably need to get a life, but I wonder if there's anyone else out there who likes retro looking desktops.


Brandon L. Golm said…
You've done it again JJ. Ruined an already ruined computer.

Get rid of the title-bar gradient, that's way too fancy.
tyler said…
try and for that lovely os9 flavor.
jjinux said…
Nice ;)
jjinux said…
Or I could just run MacOS under Linux: