Flash: I Like Wowza

I like the Wowza Media Server better than Adobe's Flash Media Server.
  • It costs less.
  • So far, it seems less buggy.
  • Plugins for it are written in Java, which is more pleasant than server-side ActionScript. Server-side ActionScript is very different than ActionScript 3 (which I actually like).
  • The API seems nicer.
  • It has a very nice admin and monitoring system--Java's standard--jmx.
  • The server can simultaneously support streaming the Adobe way (RTMP, etc.), the Microsoft way (smooth streaming), and the Apple way (HTTP live streaming). It supports all three including bitrate switching all from the same source files.
The one missing feature that it doesn't support is SWF verification. It does support something called secure tokens, but I can make a pretty decent argument that SWF verification is more secure (at least for my use case).

Credit goes to Dan Aronson for a lot of this content.