Linux: Qimo for Kids

I just installed Qimo, an Ubuntu-based distribution for kids. If you already have Ubuntu, just run "apt-get install qimo-session".

I just started poking around, but I like it already. I had Edubuntu previously. For some reason, this seems simpler, neater, easier, and more engaging. I think Edubuntu has everything Qimo has, and more, but Qimo presents it in a more compelling manner.

By the way, Qimo doesn't provide parental controls, so you'll have to install something extra if you're into that sort of thing.


Anonymous said…
Might be a dumb question ...
If i do sudo apt-get install qimo-session then would it be like an application running on my existing ubuntu or will my lucid installation be modified to qimo ?
I mean will i be just able to demo qimo by installing qimo session ?
i dont want to change my installation but just want to see how qimo looks like ...
I think that's actually what I did.