Ruby and Firefox: Two "Oh My Gosh" Moments

First of all, The Ruby Toolbox is amazing! I no longer have to read a bunch of Ruby mailing lists just to know which tools are useful and which tools aren't. There's so much stuff already there that (out of ignorance) I thought I would have to build from scratch.

Second of all, did you know that hitting Cntl-Shift-t in Firefox (at least on my Linux box) opens up the last tab that you closed? That was a weird thing to stumble upon.


Marius said…
For Firefox, you also have this in the menu (History > Recently Closed Tabs). It's the same shortcut on Windows, and is Apple + Shift + T on OSX.
Unknown said…
It's the same on chrome: Ctrl+Shift+T for last closed tab. I didn't know that - amazing!