Python: Concurrency

I'm giving a talk on Python Concurrency tomorrow at Py Web SF. I gave the same talk at BayPiggies two years ago, and I wrote an article on it for Dr. Dobb's Journal. However, I've updated the talk to cover new topics such as Tornado Web, gevent, and nginx.


turingpup said…
Hey JJ,

Last night I managed to accomplish what I set out to do: I strapped gevent onto the side of my tornado project and replaced the underlying db drivers with pg8000 (which is 100% python code) and upgraded sqlalchemy to the latest version to support it. I now have a fully feature web stack on top of gevent :) It ran some unit tests and it seems to be solid, but I still need to confirm that I'm getting the speed/concurrency from gevent and there aren't any blocking calls.
Dude, that *rules*!
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