Python: How to Blow Up Helicopters Using Pygame

This Thursday, I'm going to be giving a talk for PyGameSF called "How to Blow Up Helicopters Using Pygame". It's a summary of some of the libraries and tricks I used for my two PyWeek entries. I'll be covering topics such as PGU, generator-based animations, and state machine based levels.

For once in my life, I finished preparing several days before the actual talk. If you're interested, here are the slides.

By the way, I used the online service 280 Slides to build my presentation. It was pleasantly simple to use. It felt just a little sluggish compared to desktop software, but for a piece of web-based software, the UI was pretty amazing.


Richard Jones said…
Looks interesting. I would offer some presentation advice though: a lot of your slides appear to be full of what you want to say; there's generally no reason to duplicate exactly what you're going to say on the screen. Instead either don't have a slide or put up something that might help explain what you're saying. Good luck! :)
Thanks for the tip, Richard. I know that the talk won't be videotaped, so I tried to put everything in the slides. That way people like you can read the slides. I expect there will be more people who will read the slides than attend the talk. So in a way, I'm just looking out for you ;)
Heikki Toivonen said…
Every slide had some lines clipped off when I tried to read them on Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 using Firefox 3.0.14.
That's weird. I'm using Firefox 3.0.14 on Ubuntu 9.04, and I don't have that problem. I'll send you the PDF. If anyone else has that problem, just ask, and I'll email you the PDF.