Software Engineering: A Book on $foo

Rant warning:

I'm reading a new book. Let me summarize:
$foo is awesome. It will help you get your projects done on time and on budget. Traditional software projects fail because they don't use $foo. The people who do manage to deliver software on time and on budget only do so because they are heroic programmers. Their process is actually fighting against them. They should use $foo instead. Traditional software projects fail because they deliver the wrong features too late. This is because they use the waterfall approach to software design instead of using $foo. If you use $foo, you'll deliver your software on time and on budget, you'll have fewer bugs, and you'll have fun doing it!
Like, gag me with a spoon! Books been coming up with new approaches, making the same promises, and criticizing the same waterfall model since the '70s!

Ok, here's a fun idea. Come up with a design book that doesn't criticize the waterfall model, but criticizes some other $foo technique instead, or come up with a book from within the last decade that actually thinks the waterfall model is still a good idea.


Just to be perfectly clear, I am not saying that waterfall model is a good idea. I'm just tired of books that are still making fun of it. I've never used the waterfall model in my entire life!
Here's a quote from the book, "There are many teams out there delivering projects on time, within budget, and delighting their stake- holders, and they manage to do it again and again. It’s not easy. It takes discipline and dedication, and relies on a high degree of communication and collaboration, but it is possible. People who work like this tend to agree it is also a lot of fun!"
Adriano Meis said…
Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP
by Matt Stephens & Doug Rosenberg
(And by "nice", I mean, congratulations on finding a book that criticizes something other than the waterfall model!)
Adriano Meis said…
I've actually bought and read it and it's not bad at all :)
There was another one I cannot remember..
control valves said…
Yup, it's a good book.