Apple: Bluetooth TCP/IP Network

My boss and I are at a coffee shop. We had to buy $5 worth of stuff for one of us to get a wireless connection. We both have Macs. Within 15 minutes, we were able to create a bluetooth network, and I'm sharing my wireless connection with him over bluetooth.

I'm positive this sort of thing would work in Linux too, but the fact that we got it working in 15 minutes without any documentation is truly a testament to Apple's user friendliness.


Sidnei da Silva said…
FWIW, I tried this on Ubuntu 8.10 recently. I was *not* able to figure out how to configure that kind of connection sharing *AT ALL*. :)
jjinux said…
The really unfortunate part is that it's easy on an Apple, but I'm sure all the pieces except the GUI are open source.
Anonymous said…
$5/15min = $20/hr

Not bad, if you and your boss get paid $10/hr each.

Even so, ignoring the contractual terms of the $5 internet service, nice job!
jjinux said…
Feeling a bit sarcastic today? ;)