Web: Flock

I've been using Flock for a few months now, and I finally noticed that it's not open source. Time for me to switch to Firefox 3 ;)


Brandon L. Golm said…
too bad you're only one person, otherwise I could say you're "flocking" to Firefox.
/me chuckles
prymitive said…
Doesn't that make You open source fanatic?
It's good, it's free but it's not open source so throw it away.
Ross said…
Are you sure it's not open source?

prymitive, I am an ardent supporter of open source. I am reasonable, but there's nothing in Flock that is so great that it would make me use a closed source solution instead of an open source one. Call me crazy ;) If you actually care about my opinion, I've laid it out previously in a fairly detailed way here: http://jjinux.blogspot.com/2008/02/hybrid-world-of-open-and-closed-source.html
*Mozilla* is open source, and that file is in a directory called Mozilla. I don't think that means Flock is open source.
prymitive said…

Ok, so maybe You are a fanatic, but not in bad way. After reading Your short post about flock I got the impression that You were enjoying flock as being good and free browser but suddenly realize that it is not open source and that made it bad. It's like being good and free had less value than being open source.
I do use open source software everyday and I just don't see any reason why I should switch to something closed (Windows or OSX), with my gentoo I can do whatever I want, change every bit of it. I does not mean that I do change everything (I tweak what I need/want) but knowing that I can is a very good feeling, it makes me feel that it's me who controls the box, not some big company. Still I have no problem with using closed source apps, I've been using opera for a long time and I still think it's a great browser, I switch to konqueror because (well it's a silly argument) it didn't integrated with my kde good enough, fonts where always different size despite all my work to make it look the same. That's the main price of using closed source - it works the way they made it, not the way You want.