Palm: Sprint Dial Up Networking on the Treo 700P

From here:
Treo 700p users, take note! With the Sprint Treo 650, all you needed for Bluetooth DUN was the Vision service added to your normal voice plan. With the Treo 700p, things have changed. Sprint has added special software to the 700p that detects when you're using the Treo to go online with your laptop (as opposed to just surfing on the phone's tiny screen). Sprint calls this kind of access “Phone As Modem,” or PAM, and for some reason they assume that only business users with deep pockets will want it. Therefore, they require you to purchase a special Phone As Modem plan, currently priced at $40 per month in addition to whatever other plan you may already have. That's right: Even if you're paying an extra $25/month for the Power Vision Ultimate Pack, you must still pay another $40/month just to use Bluetooth DUN (no matter how light your usage is). Note that this is the very same feature that comes free (with Vision) on the Treo 650.

Luckily, there is a workaround...
Wow, that sucks!

Fortunately, I get free Internet access at Starbucks thanks to my SBC Yahoo DSL account.


Brandon L. Golm said…
True, but it's so much faster, and like you said, you can get around it. It's even better if you use the cable and "USB Modem" software; which I have tried and works great.