Hosting: RimuHosting

I had to submit a trouble ticket to our new hosting provider, RimuHosting. Two minutes after I submitted the ticket, it was accepted by someone. Check out the stats in the picture. It's 10:30PM. Gees, that makes me happy ;)

Update: The problem was fixed 20 minutes later :)


Anonymous said…
Rimu is great -- I have been happily using them for a few years. I can also recommend (always good to have a backup plan!).
jjinux said…

At 11 o'clock at night, I found a broken link in their documentation. I submitted a low-priority trouble ticket, just to be helpful. They had it fixed in 30 minutes. Fixing docs at 11 o'clock at night with that kind of response time is what I call above and beyond the call of duty ;)
Max Ischenko said…
I host site with Rimu and their support is indeed great.

Alas, will need to move the site closer to Ukraine to get better roundtrip times.