Python: Python in Your Browser with IronPython and Silverlight

Python in Your Browser with IronPython and Silverlight

Considering IronPython and Silverlight are from Microsoft, it was interesting to see Michael Foord using a Mac and TextMate. Apparently, a lot of Windows developers use Macs with VMware. Unfortunately, VMware crashed on one of the other speakers, and he couldn't get it to work with the projector.

Silverlight is both cross-platform and cross-browser. Microsoft even supports Safari. However, they do not support Linux. The Moonlight project is an open source project to clone Silverlight for Linux using Mono.

Silverlight 2 contains a cut down version of the .NET CLR.

It's now possible to write Silverlight applications in IronPython. That means you can script the browser with Python :)

A "Hello World" application written in Python for Silverlight is 700K if the IronPython DLL isn't cached yet.

Silverlight 2 now has nice XAML widgets.

Foord prefers writing code by hand over using XAML.

The demo was pretty cool.

He showed a Python shell running in the browser.

There's a book on IronPython on the way.


Michael Foord said…
I haven't been called 'Foord' for a long time. It used to be 'Foordy' though... :-)

Nice to meet you (again) at PyCon.
jjinux said…
Likewise! Nice job on the talk.