PyCon: The State of Django

The State of Django

A surprising number of Django users are new to Python.

Adrian said that "everyone should use trunk". The latest release is a year old.

Updating Django to use unicode properly was a herculean task.

Django now has autoescaping in templates.

There are lots of cool things going on, often on their own repository branch.

There are 2 existing Django books, and there are 5 more on the way.

They are refactoring the query module. Apparently, it was a big hairy mess.

They are removing the direct coupling between the model and the admin interface. However, he's not promising that you'll be able to use the admin interface on top of SQLAlchemy.

They are adding model validation. This is one area where Django is very different than Ruby on Rails. Rails tends to put more stuff in the model, and validation is just one example.

1.0 is coming.

They started a non-profit Django foundation. (So is Twisted, by the way.)

They're adding database inheritance.

They're adding better support for eager loading to the ORM.

It seems to me that Django's ORM isn't nearly as sophisticated as SQLAlchemy.