PyCon: IronPython: The Road Ahead

IronPython: The Road Ahead

Jim Huginin seemed a little less enthusiastic than normal. I hope he's okay.

IronPython makes it really easy to use SQLServer.

He showed Django running under IronPython with only minimal patching necessary.

Microsoft doesn't ship Silverlight for Linux. You have to use Mono's Moonlight project.

Silverlight will soon be coming to Nokia and Windows Mobile.

The "Dynamic Language Runtime" makes it easier to code a scripting language for the CLR.

IronPython's license was approved by the OSI. However, Microsoft's .NET is still proprietary, of course. This reminds me of Flex and Flash.

IronPython now supports Python 2.5.

If you save and reload, you'll see your updates when using IronPython under Silverlight in the browser.

He showed a Python shell running in the browser. It supported method autocomplete using a drop down. What was even neater was when he showed Python interacting with JavaScript thanks to the CLR. He called a Python function from JavaScript.

Expect IronPython running under Silverlight 2 to be released before the next Olympics.

Microsoft apparently contributed some codecs to the Moonlight project since it's difficult to implement those without the specs.


Anonymous said…
IronPython, IronRuby and the DLR work perfectly out of the box on the open source implementation of .NET (Mono).
Anonymous said…
But is Jim Hugunin alright? He seemed so chipper at PyCon 2007. Likeable fellow.