Python: Getting Genshi to Output FBML in Pylons

This took me quite a while to figure out, so I'm going to blog it for the sake of Google. To get Pylons to tell Genshi to output XHTML so that you can output FBML for Facebook, edit your and do:
# Customize templating options via this variable
tmpl_options = config['buffet.template_options']

# Without this, all the FBML tags get stripped.
tmpl_options['genshi.default_format'] = 'xhtml'
My templates now start with:
<fb:fbml xmlns=""


Jeff said…
nice post, I' having a bit of trouble getting an application going for facebook with pylons, any help would be appreciated
Unknown said…
Thanks. This helped me get FBML working with Genshi and Turbogears. The only difference is that you can put the format in the expose decorator.

@expose(template="template name" format="xhtml")
jjinux said…
I do believe 'render_response(template_name, format="xml")' works in Pylons too if you don't want to change the default render format.
Hi jj,

I needed to pass some template variables through to a json template, and I wanted Genshi to completely bypass its XML-parsing functionality.

I used a text renderer:

# Genshi Imports
from genshi.template import TemplateLoader, TextTemplate

# pkg_resources: see
import pkg_resources

# Load my template once, at startup.
# We need to form a relative path from the
# pkg_resources, because if we're running
# from a production .egg other methods of
# building a file path will fail.

# Later on in my controller methods:
# **kargs: c=c, foo=bar, etc.
return TextTemplate(MY_TMPL)

There might be simpler ways to do this(?),
but this was the method I stumbled upon.

jjinux said…
That's one of the things I like about Genshi: it has multiple types of input. XML is just the most popular.