Books: Ajax in Action

This is a review of Ajax in Action.

It's amazing how much the JavaScript world has changed.

This book has a relaxing style, and it was enjoyable to read. However, it no longer represents what I think of as "modern" JavaScript. For instance, it doesn't cover closures until appendix B, and even then it tells the reader to avoid them. These days, having studied Dojo, jQuery, and Douglas Crockford's videos, it's clear that closures are at the heart of how modern JavaScript is written.

The copyright for this book is 2006, yet the index doesn't even mention Firebug, YUI, dojo, or jQuery which are now staples of the JavaScript community. Dojo is at least mentioned in the list of Ajax frameworks and libraries, but the others aren't.

This book is an interesting relic from that period when Ajax was first gaining popularity, before the major JavaScript frameworks had gained a foothold. These days, for those wanting to learn modern JavaScript, I recommend watching Douglas Crockford's videos instead.