Books: Founders at Work

I just finished reading Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days. I've been nibbling away at it over the last five months or so. It's now one of my favorite books. If you work at a startup or are thinking of starting a startup, this book is a must read!

I like to interview, so when I'm looking for a new job, I tend to interview a lot. The last time I was looking for a job, I felt like this book was my personal guidebook to Silicon Valley (which loosely includes San Francisco). So many of the people and companies I was interviewing for were in the book. I felt like I was getting the inside scoop. Even when they weren't in the book, the book gave me insights on what a good startup looks like.

Now that I've finished building Free or Best Offer, it's time for me to look for my next startup. I wonder where the book will lead me next. Although they aren't mentioned explicitly in the book, I'm currently leaning toward Metaweb.


Bob Van Zant said…
Sweet, per your suggestion a while back I ordered this book and will be picking it up on my next trip to CA. I also ordered "Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think."
Noah Gift said…
Holy crap Shannon, I thought I moved around a lot :) I read Founders at Work too, and I agree, it was a great book. Now you just need to start a company next.

So....who wants to give Shannon some VC money?
jjinux said…
Given the right idea, I can probably get VC money. However, I'm not really the right type to start a company. Seriously. I'm a details guy, not a big picture guy. I actually *enjoy* implementing other people's ideas.