What's Going on with my Wireless?

Yesterday, my Dish Networks satellite went out and took 20 minutes to come back.

Also yesterday, my wife's bluetooth headset kept disassociating itself from her phone. She had to reset it several times.

Last night, my access point stopped working. From the access point, I could ping my DNS server. From my laptop, I could establish a wired and/or wireless connection to the access point, but from my laptop, I could not ping my DNS server. The same was true of my wife's laptop. I hadn't changed anything on my AP in months. Finally, I gave up, restored it to factory defaults, and set it up again from scratch. Now it works.

What's going on? Was there a solar flare I didn't hear about? Might it be that my 100 year old house is not providing "clean" electricity? Any ideas? Weird.


Anthony said…
Let me know what you find out, because my freaking wireless works have been flaking out for about a week now - both Sprint and my wireless routers...spooky.
Anonymous said…
Things happen in groups of 3, that's all.

Never rule out the possibility of bogons being the case of the problem.
jjinux said…
Ha! I had never thought it might be bogons!
Noah Gift said…
funny because MY wireless WDS system was acting weird over the last week. My wife thinks I am "tinkering" again...geez!
kevstee said…
My Dish went out for at least 20 minutes also. Annoying mainly because I didn't know what the problem was.