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Python: Look What the Stork Dragged In

Well, this is supposed to be "a purely technical blog concerning topics such as Python, etc.", so let me start by showing off a quick little Python utility that I had to write at a moments notice: #!/usr/bin/env python """Help Gina-Marie time her contractions.""" import time SECS_PER_MIN = 60 last_start = None while True: print "Press enter when the contraction starts.", raw_input() start = time.time() if last_start: print "It's been %s minutes %s seconds since last contraction." \ % divmod(int(start - last_start), SECS_PER_MIN) last_start = start print "Press enter when the contraction stops.", raw_input() stop = time.time() print "Contraction lasted %s seconds." % int(stop - start) print If you want to find out more, read the comments ;)