O'Reilly Code Quiz

I took O'Reilly's code quiz. It was kind of nerve racking to try to answer questions quickly, but it was a lot of fun! As usual, my accuracy was pretty high, but I took too long.


Bill Mill said…
Preferring speed to accuracy:

Total points: 310
Bonus points: 39
Number correct: 40
Number incorrect: 10
Number skipped: 0
Fastest answer: 3.24 seconds
Slowest answer: 15.61 seconds
Average answer: 6.38 seconds

I wish it had been 25 instead of 50, but it was kind of fun anyway. I wonder what language I didn't recognize? Some of them were questionable.
jjinux said…
> I wonder what language I didn't recognize?

It tells you at the end what you knew and didn't know.

> Some of them were questionable.

Yeah, agreed. One of the questions I missed showed a piece of SQL, and two of the answers were from different SQL books.
Bill Mill said…
I meant more that some of the language choices were questionable.

Is PL/SQL really SQL? Not by any standard I know of (but I put it there anyway). Isn't XSLT valid XML? would you have gotten it correct if you had marked it that way? Are shell commands code (language not listed) or not code?

If I recall correctly, it tells you what questions you got wrong, but not what bonus point questions you got wrong.
Ben Bangert said…
It should prolly be mentioned more clearly that skipping questions you're unsure of will result in a higher score than guessing (assuming the ones marked incorrect were due to a guess).