Python: PyWeek

I just finished PyWeek! It's a contest where you have one week to write a video game using PyGame. Since I was new to PyGame, and I knew how stressful these competitions can be, my goal was simply to finish with a playable, hopefully fun, game. I took two days off from work, and I wrote about a thousand lines of code. I'm proud to say I that I accomplished my goal!


Anonymous said…
Am I the only one wondering why this blog is aggregated on Planet Haskell?
Well, you can complain if you'd like, but the reason is that I've written three articles on Haskell:

Obviously, I like more than one language ;)
Anonymous said…
You like more than one language, but you only blog about Python.

BTW the first Linux Journal article is not about Haskell, it's about - guess what - Python :-p
> You like more than one language, but you only blog about Python.

Please forgive me for my bluntness, but I think you're trolling. Python is clearly my favorite language, but click on any of the labels on the side to see my posts on other languages. I've enjoyed exploring Haskell, Erlang, Io, etc. If you're not interested in my posts, feel free to ignore them ;)

You're right about my first article; that was my mistake. I have indeed written three articles on Haskell. The following article was actually posted in two parts:
The source code is now on GitHub: