Python: Continuation Based Web Frameworks

How to use continuations for servers

Neat! Coming from IronPort, I was familiar with this general technique, and I had heard about Seaside, but the idea of saving a continuation for every page in order to make the back button work was new to me.

Neat! :)


Brandon L. Golm said…
that guy lost me at: get's
pierre said…
Oh, i'm so tired of your posts on planet haskell. Why are you publishing your python things there? Or you want to promote pythom among haskellers?
Brandon L. Golm said…
yo pierre!

I'm all for being rude to JJ, but only if it's founded. In other words: use your brain!

"planet haskell" is a multiple-blog aggregate. Whenever JJ makes a post to his blog, it ends up there.

So ... get over it!
Thanks, Brandon. Pierre, if it bothers you so much, go ask the Planet Haskell guys to stop aggregating me.

I remember the day they started Planet Haskell, and they purposely chose to incorporate my blog because part of what I blogged about was Haskell. They were interested in the other things I had to say too.
pierre said…
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pierre said…
please excuse me
No worries. I'm glad we got that cleared up! :)