Highly-technical Management of Software Development

I really enjoyed listening to Alex Martelli's talk Highly-technical Management of Software Development.

Am I the only one who thinks that a highly technical manager is sort of like a Knight Templar? (Knights Templar had to be knights as well as monks.)


Anonymous said…
Having a highly technical manager kicks butt _as long as_ they are also good at the other aspects of management. Being an alpha geek doesn't mean crap if they aren't doing other management basics. I mean, it's great if my boss can truly appreciate the amazing widget I implemented, but I'll still end up leaving quickly if s/he's not able to provide me the support I need to ensure my career development.

Money isn't a motivator, but it can easily be a de-motivator.
Noah Gift said…
I welcome a highly technical manager who is wise in terms of the world, and can do what I do. I am fortunate to be in that situation now. In some ways it is like knowing a guru/mentor.

A situation that is not good, is when you have a boss that thinks they are technical, but are not. Not only do they not understand what you are doing, they often think they know best. Bad combination!